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We are in an anxious age. By some estimates, a third of all Americans will struggle with anxiety in their lives, and nearly 20% currently suffer from an anxiety disorder. For those suffering the mental distortions of anxiety, life can be difficult, and hope elusive. And for many Christians who have tried and failed to stop their slide into fear and worry by simply “laying down their burdens,” they may feel an added sense of spiritual failure as well.

In this Online Conversation, Curtis Chang, the author of The Anxiety Opportunity: How Worry is the Doorway to Your Best Self, will join psychiatrist Curt Thompson, to discuss the challenge of anxiety as well as the invitation it presents for spiritual growth.

They explore how to step through the doorway of anxiety and find peace in this chaotic world. There are helpful insights for individuals and parents; as well as the opportunity for the church in being with one another and holding hope in the redemptive purposes of Jesus. 

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