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The Chosen is a multi-season show about the life of Jesus. The episodes allow you to see the life of Jesus through the eyes of those that knew him. You can see the transformations of His followers and the people whose lives he affects as He ministers to change the world.

The series takes you deeper into the Gospel stories by retelling and expounding on those stories.  It reveals to you the character and intentions of Jesus and those who knew him and followed him.  Each episode/story really brings the Bible and Jesus to life!

There are three seasons; each eight episodes long. While the episodes do build on each other, they are each a story in them selves. The episodes are 40-60 minutes in length.  It is easy to watch one episode and then each one brings insight and discussion as to what you saw, learned and felt.

This is a great series to watch with family, small group or friends. A great summer activity when it is hot out and you are looking for an indoor activity.

We have watched all episodes and thoroughly enjoyed them!!  We are in the process of rewatching them.

Watch Here. 

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Kara cashmore about 1 year ago

Thank you Denny and Judy. You got me hooked on the Chosen during lent this year and I have loved watching the rest of the episodes. I appreciate you passing along things that you enjoy and that teach us more about Jesus. Thanks you! Kara

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