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One way we grow in our relationship with Jesus is through sharing stories with each other. The “We are Vineyard” podcast is a podcast produced by Vineyard USA and is filled with stories.  It’s a great way to learn more about the larger Vineyard movement as well as the global church. 

In each episode the national director of Vineyard USA, Jay Pathak, interviews people both within and outside the Vineyard from a wide variety of backgrounds and has them share their story.  He starts each episode by asking the guest where they were born and grew up and how God led them and shaped them along the way. I don’t always have a lot of time to read during the school year so I like that I can listen to these podcasts on the go when I’m out running errands.  

One of my favorite episodes from those within the Vineyard is “Tina Colón Williams: The Kingdom Work Of Immigration Law.”  She’s the worship pastor  at Elm City Vineyard in New Haven, Connecticut and has also written and recorded songs for Vineyard Worship, including one of my family’s favorite Vineyard songs “God of Rest (Dios del descanso).”  She’s also an immigration lawyer and talks about how her faith informs her work and brings a kingdom perspective to this complex topic. 

A couple of other great episodes from people within the Vineyard are “Steve Nicholson: It's Not What We Do, It's What's Been Done To Us,” “Josh Williams: Justice in the Local Church,” and “Becky Olmstead: The Vineyard's Love For Kids.”

There are also several episodes where Jay interviews people doing Kingdom work outside of the Vineyard.  One of my favorites is “Dominique Gilliard: Diversity Is A Revelatory Gift From God.”  Dominique is an author and the Director of Racial Righteousness and Reconciliation for the Evangelical Covenant Church and he talks about the church being about both evangelism and justice.  Some other good listens are “Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado: We Can Only Be Loved To The Extent That We're Known” (President and CEO of Compassion International), and “Nicky Gumbel: The Alpha Course Became Our Operating System” (Founder of Alpha). 

I’m also looking forward to listening to the episode that came out this week as it’s super relevant to our church: “Nijay Gupta: Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church” (professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary and senior translator of the New Living Translation).

You can find the full list of podcasts here

Below are select podcasts on the VineyardUSA's YouTube page. You can select different podcasts by using the top-right menu control on the video. Enjoy.





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