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We find our identity in many things: the work that we do, the houses that we
build and the positions that we hold. While these are all good things; they are
not our primary identity, nor can they be the source of our trust. When these
things become the focus of our lives, there is a vanity, or emptiness, that seeps
into our lives. Psalm 127 reminds us that to trust in these things is “in vain” as
we see the word vain show up three times in this psalm, meaning it is an empty

This psalm makes it simple and is a practical message. It deals with our work
and our family that demands most of our time and causes us the most trouble
in life. They compete with each other for our attention and energy. It instructs
us how to arrange our priorities in these most important responsibilities. Work
hard, finish your day, trust God, and go to sleep.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Prov. 16:3
God wants you to find blessing and fulfillment in your life in whatever you do,
whether you are building a house, raising a family or guarding a city. Putting
God at the center and trusting Him will give His provision and blessing in your
work. Without God, your work is in vain.

As Eugene Peterson says, “Don’t work like the devil.” Work like a believer.
Work like a child of God. Trust God to meet your needs. We can trust in God’s
blessing because all we ever need comes from Him. It doesn’t depend on us. It
never did, and it never will.

In what ways are you currently experiencing life in vain?
In what ways are you experiencing the provision and blessings of God in your life?

Lord, you have released me from all fear, insecurity, and anxiety of living in vain
without you at the center. You impart to me total peace, contentment, joy and
confidence in my responsibilities in life. I embody complete peace and joy that
result from your provision and blessings in my work as I rest in you.

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