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Ever been lost? Last week I got to experience the feeling of being lost a few times as I attended the Vineyard National Conference and navigated a new place. It was a large retreat campus that we drove to and from each day. The first day, a few of us wandered out of the parking lot trying to judge from a distance which of the three buildings we should walk towards to pick up our registration packets. 

As each day led to the next, finding my way between the buildings became easier. By the last day, which was very rainy I had even learned the routes that had overhangs in order to stay as dry as possible. It all seemed easy by the time I was heading home again. 

I've found even at home and in the familiar,  I can get lost. In the busy, my mind goes 100 directions and life crowds in. It's a different type of lost, but just as disorienting.

Meeting Jesus is where we are found. But how do we do that can be challenging in the middle of an active environment or day.  A tool I'm finding particularly helpful is an app called Lectio 365. Each morning and evening, there is a guided Scripture reflection and prayer that takes 10 minutes or less. It's even great to use on a lunch hour mid-day. 

What have you found works for you?

May we enjoy being met and found by Jesus as many times as we get lost. 

Download the Lectio 365 App here.




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Sherri 3 months ago

Sometimes the repetition of the same thing over and over regardless of results, helps me find my way. Just like you going back again and again. I sit in the same chair, open my journal and Bible and trust it will help me find my way. Good tools like Lectio 365 are so helpful. Thanks Becky.

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