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Psalm 121 teaches the children of God how reliable God is even in difficult times. It mirrors our own lifes journey. What keeps us from trusting in Him and depending on ourselves instead of God who rises from the dead?

So often, we live with fear because were looking elsewhere for our help and we dont actually believe that God has it under control. We have to believe who He says he is.  Are we limping along on our journey because were looking to God as an afterthought? All the while, hes waiting for us to trust that He keeps us. Life may not be easy. We may suffer, struggle and grieve. But trusting God means we believe who He says he is and we build our life on that truth.

How do we walk by faith and trust? You never will until youre prepared to admit that you cannot and only God can. Expose every new situation to Jesus who lives in you through the Holy Spirit. Nothing sensational, nothing spectacular, just expose every fear, threat, problem, responsibility, no matter what, any situation to Christ. Then stand back and say, Thank you for all of this Lord Jesus. Thank you for what you will do so that I can live triumphantly.”

The only thing to do is hold His promises in one hand and the messy reality in the other and then praise Jesus anyway.


Who do you call when you are in distress?

How do you listen and follow?


Thank you Lord, for your Holy Spirit. I remain focused on you living in me. I carry your presence, Lord, into every situation. I release you to do whatever is necessary so that your Kingdom comes and your will is done in everything.

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