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“Blessed are all who fear the Lord.” Psalm 128:1

Psalm 128 seems to build off of psalm 127 and is a psalm of triumph that
focuses on receiving God’s blessing. The “fear of the Lord” means you take
God seriously, put Him first in your life, and approach Him with reverence
and respect.

The psalm imparts the wisdom that we, as godly people, may know the
blessings and joy that only God can give. And, God’s blessing flows outward
from the individual, to your family, to your church, to the community of His
people and future generations.

This psalm is about “The Abundant Life.” God sees our heart. He sees our
desire to be faithful to Him. He sends blessings in abundance in response to
our love for Him.

Look at the blessings mentioned: You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your
hands, your wife will be like a fruitful vine, and your children will be like
olive shoots. God’s blessing is available to everyone. God’s blessing is
received as a gift of His grace. You can choose to welcome God’s blessing in
your life or you can chase it away. It all comes down to putting the Lord first
and walking in His ways.

How have you experienced God’s blessing and joy in your life with Him?
What blessings from God do you experience that flow outward to your
family, church and the wider community?

Father, I receive the affections and loyalties of my heart for you as I put you
first in my life. You empower me to fulfill my purpose and role in my family,
my church, the whole community and future generations. I can afford to
rejoice in you in all situations and circumstances because you care for me.

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